First Time Buyer

Anne, you could not have been more helpful to me. Being a first time buyer, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  You helped me with every step of the process, and put me at ease during the whole process

Sold Quickly and for More

Anne, I want to thank you for helping me get my condo sold. The first realtor I used NEVER told me to do any of your recommendations to get my condo sold. You were professional and truthful. I wish more Realtors could be like you.

Helped Us Upgrade for a Better Decision

Anne, We started at a lower price, but did not like what we were seeing. When you took us to what we really wanted it was at the end of our stay and of course it was much higher than we told you. We love the home and know we did not over pay for our lovely home in such a great location.

Defending Market Value

Anne, Thank you for expediting the sale of my father’s home in Spanish Wells. I knew everything was original in the home and I wanted it sold, especially after hurricane Irma. I wanted to take a lower offer and told me “NO” do not accept this offer. You made everything with the sale go smoothly, especially since I was not local.

Custodian for Our Bottom Line

Anne, we are so glad we took your advice on accepting the offer on our investment condo. If we did not take that offer, we were going to pay more real estate taxes, do upgrade work on the condo, and absorb the time the condo was empty with no income. Thank you again. You understand a seller’s bottom line sometimes better than the seller. This is our third transaction with you. Thank you again.

Advancing My Equity & Lifestyle

Anne, You were dead on when you told me about the condo on the beach. Although it needed gutting, due to the age and its condition, I could not be happier. You went out of your way to help expedite the demolition and purchases; keeping to my budget.  I just came down a week ago to my “new” condo on the beach. You also got my other condo sold immediately. I am glad I listened to you. Thank you so much.

Our Version of Fixer Upper

Anne, Suzanne and I are so glad you put up with us and ALL our offers. You were correct when you said, you are going to change most any house you buy, so why not buy the least expensive home in the neighborhood you like.

Sold My Parents Place

Thank you so much for getting my parents place sold.  You kept me informed of everything you were doing to market the home, and promptly updated me with all the buyer showing feedback.  This was really helpful.  You know how to do your job!

Found Our Perfect Retirement Home

Anne, you sold our place on the beach and put up with our uncooperative renters; and you also found our perfect retirement home. You are great at listening to what we say we want; and converting that into what we really want. Thank you so much!